Bluebird Box Building

Posted on April 27, 2020 by | News


John Twomey and Leigh Norcott have maintained bluebird boxes at their home in Montville.  Most years all of the boxes are occupied by bluebirds, tree swallows or chickadees. John and Leigh have been seeing bluebirds at the farm with some regularity since March 15, somewhat earlier than in previous years; tree swallows arrived on April 8.  The bluebirds, and now the tree swallows, are actively exploring the boxes and will likely construct nests toward the end of April or in early May.

Twomey and Norcott have also placed and maintain bluebird boxes on the Midcoast Conservancy property at Whitten Hill in Montville.   Those boxes are surely getting lots of bird attention at this time.   Over the past ten years Twomey and Norcott have done bird box workshops for MOFGA, the Midcoast Conservancy, Aldermere Farm and the University of Maine Extension Service.  All toll they have helped residents of Waldo and Knox counties to build and deploy over 225 bluebird boxes.

Given the fact that they have had to cancel all of their bird box building workshops due to the Covid-19 event, John and Leigh have included herewith their plans for making a bird box.   Why not take advantage of this time at home to have some fun constructing a bird box and doing something helpful for our feathered neighbors?  The box depicted in these plans is used by the following native birds: bluebird, tree swallow, chickadee, titmouse, house wren. 

Click here for the plans to build your own bluebird box!