Browntail Moth Info Session

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On April 4, State entomologist Tom Schmeelk and arborist Tom Hoerth presented on Browntail Moths at the Edgecomb Eddy School. Their talk included an overview of its biology, history in Maine and updates on current browntail range/ areas at risk, as well as management options and ways to mitigate human health impacts.

Browntail moth is an invasive forest pest that continues to expand its range in Maine bringing with it human health impacts. Browntail caterpillars cause a poison ivy-like rash and they are impacting a broad swath of Maine. Contact with this caterpillar’s hairs can cause severe reactions for some individuals.

Tom Schmeelk is a Forest Entomologist with the Maine Forest Service, originally from New York, where he worked for the forest health bureau of the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation for three years.

Tom Hoerth is the former City Arborist & Tree Warden for Bath from 1998 until
2015, graduated from UMO in 1987 with a BS in Plant & Soil Science, also taught 7 th grade
science for 10 years, and has been an adjunct instructor in the Horticulture Department at
Southern Maine Community College since 2007. He is a consulting forester for the Bath Water
District, and owns a private tree service called Winter Greens.

To see the presentation, click here.

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