Native Plant Sale

Midcoast Conservancy Office | Sat, May 22 | All Ages


Time: Sat, May 22, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Midcoast Conservancy Office


Get your hands dirty with some gorgeous native plants from Rebel Hill Farm! Organic perennials to help you create inviting habitat for the natural community on your land. Growers will be on hand to help you pick the right plants.

Check out available plants on the Rebel Hill Farm website; pre-order if you know what you want!

Why choose native plants? Check out Lucy Birkett’s “Rewilding Your Yard” presentation and a list of resources here.

Julie and Peter Beckford of Rebel Hill Farm in Liberty raise field-grown perennials, with a focus on native plants and medicinal herbs. Their plants are certified organic and necessarily hardy. The Beckfords believe the plants gardeners choose to grow matter a lot to wildlife and the surrounding natural areas. Of particular interest to them this year is the recent addition of the rusty patch bumblebee to the endangered species list. They encourage gardeners to plant many of the beautiful flowers used by our local pollinators, caterpillars and birds. Native, as they use the term, means: growing in Central or Eastern North America prior to European settlement.