Nature Workshop: How Do You Get to Know a Tree?

Palermo | Sat, Jun 5 | All Ages


Time: Sat, Jun 5, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: Palermo


Does a paper birch’s white bark make any difference to the birch?  Why do some trees grow well in some places but not in others?  How do you tell one tree from another when the trees have no leaves?  And what’s this we’re hearing these days about trees talking?  (Hint:  You can’t hear them, but they are “talking”!)  Whether you’d like to know how to tell one tree from another, to find out a bit more about bark/leaves/other parts of trees, or just to take a nice walk in the woods along a pretty stretch of the Sheepscot River, please join us for a relatively easy walk in the woods with Susan Cottle, a Maine Master Naturalist and unabashed tree promoter.  

Please dress appropriately for a walk in the woods, including good footwear (we may hit a small wet spot or two in the trail) and whatever you find helpful for bug protection.  You will need to bring little else—except your curiosity about the woods and your questions about trees.