Taking the First Steps: Building a Plan for the Future of Your Land

Wiscasset | Tue, May 7 | All Ages


Time: Tue, May 7, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Wiscasset


Midcoast Conservancy and the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust are cosponsoring a workshop for landowners, Taking the First Steps: Building a Plan for the Future of Your Land at the Wiscasset Community Center. This event will be hugely beneficial to all landowners, whether one’s property includes forest, wetland, or agriculture. Landowners who want to think about the future of their property will be guided by University of Maine School of Forest Resources professor Jessica Leahy.

Dr. Leahy, also past board president of Maine Woodland Owners, will instruct participants in how to build a foundation and get started thinking about the future of their land. Land succession can be a challenging thing to navigate and this event is a comfortable, informative place to start this process.  Whether selling the land, or giving it to a family member, or putting it into a conservation easement, Dr. Leahy will speak about the conversations that landowners need to have with counterparts, when and if it makes sense to get other organizations involved. She will walk participants through the planning resource, “Protecting Your Legacy”; each person who attends this event will go home with a copy of this booklet, and a clearer plan on how to get started.

Additional event co-sponsors are Wiscasset Community Center, Holt Research Forest and Maine TREE Foundation.  The Wiscasset Community Center is located at 242 Gardiner Rd in Wiscasset.