Want to get outside more?

Our Outdoor Adventure & Learning Hubs are a perfect place to start. We have a fleet of fat tire bikes and stand up paddle boards and every fall we lease high quality XC skis to youth with growing feet. Plus we have coaches to help you learn the skills needed to use the gear.

Using Hidden Valley Nature Center as the model, we have created community hubs to improve existing trails and get more families outdoors having fun. We believe that by investing in people, place and gear we can remove the barriers that keep our communities from connecting to the natural world. It works!

We will bring equipment and staff to your community. Contact Andy Bezon for how the program works and how you can get involved.

Go to the Programs & Events page to see what’s coming up.

We’re hiring! We are looking for student interns with a deep interest in outdoor adventure and learning to work closely with staff and community leaders to support our hubs.  Contact Andy Bezon if you are interested.

Thank you to our generous foundation supporters: Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, Quimby Family Foundation, and Renys Charitable Trust Foundation.