Midcoast Conservancy Councils

When our new, unified organization was formed, the founders recognized the importance of retaining close connections to the many communities we serve. Local Councils, one from each of our four “parent” organizations, represent the interests and passion for the places from which Midcoast Conservancy evolved. Our councils help us stop and listen – making sure we we don’t leave anyone behind.

Councils typically meet monthly depending on the council. Each council is supported by a designated staff liaison. Council members provide important advice, expertise, channels for communication, creative ideas on programming, and precious volunteer support for programs, events and stewardship. A number of Council members serve on committees of the Midcoast Conservancy Board of Directors.

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the Councils, please contact the staff liaison or Jody Jones, Midcoast Conservancy’s Executive Director.

Damariscotta Lake Council

Staff liaison: [Addie Halligan]
Meeting details: We meet at the office (290 Route 1, Edgecomb). Meetings are more frequent in summer with a break in the winter.

Hidden Valley Nature Center Council

Staff liaison:[Andy Bezon]
Meeting details: We meet at the barn at our nature center except in the winter. Meetings are every month.

Sheepscot Headwaters Council

Staff liaison:[Ali Stevenson]
Meeting details: We often meet at the Liberty Library. Meetings are every month.

Sheepscot Valley Council

Staff liaison:[Steve Patton]
Meeting details: We meet at the Midcoast Conservancy Headquarters (290 Route 1, Edgecomb). Meetings are every month.