Midcoast Conservancy Councils

We were formed from the merger of five different conservation organizations (see our history here). The founders recognized the importance of retaining close connections to the many communities we serve. Five local Councils, one from each of our “parent” organizations, were created to represent the interests of and passions for the places from which Midcoast Conservancy evolved.

Our councils help us connect and listen – making sure local voices and priorities remain a part of who we are. Our Councils also provide advice, expertise, creative ideas on programs events and care for our preserves. Have an idea for a program? Tell us about it using this Program Event Proposal Form

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the Councils, please reach out to the Council Member Contact or one of staff liaisons listed below.

NOTE: At this time, all Council meetings are held virtually.

Damariscotta Lake Watershed Council

Damariscotta Lake Watershed Council Contacts

Staff liaison: Patricia Nease
Meeting details: We meet at the headquarters office in Edgecomb (290 US Route 1) or at a private home on the lake.

Hidden Valley Nature Center Council

Council Member Contact: Geoff Keochakian, geoffk99@gmail.com

Staff liaison: Andy Bezon
Meeting details: We meet at the Barn at our nature center except in the winter, when you can find us at the HQ building in Edgecomb. Meetings are every month.

Medomak Valley Council

Council Member Contact: Susan Morris, susanbmorris222@gmail.com

Staff liaison: Tim Trumbauer
Meeting details: Council meets every 4 weeks at the Waldoboro office at 25 Friendship Street.

Headwaters Council

Council Member Contact: Susan Shell, sshell@fairpoint.net

Staff liaison: Ali Stevenson
Meeting details: We usually meet at the Public Library in Liberty. Meetings are every month.

Sheepscot Valley Council

Council Member Contact: Honor Sage, sage@tidewater.net

Staff liaison: Shri Verrill
Meeting details: We meet at our Headquarters (290 Route 1, Edgecomb). Meetings are every month.