Thanks to all who joined our discussion at our Open House (April 19)

We appreciate all our neighbors who joined us to share information and ideas for moving forward together with new opportunities to keep the Hagget Building as our home, for expanded partnerships, and as gathering place in the community room (read news articles here). We want to be a resource, clearing house and participant for ideas and strategies. Together, we can create the strongest plan possible for MDOT’s improvements to downtown Wiscasset.

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 Our Goals

Midcoast Conservancy would like to see if we can resolve issues that we have in common regarding the plans for expanded parking and other improvements within downtown Wiscasset including the Haggett property, where Midcoast Conservancy has leased office space. We would like to work with all interested partners to discuss potential solutions that we believe would benefit the Town of Wiscasset, MDOT’s plans for improving traffic flow through the town on Route 1, and the important community- based conservation work that Midcoast Conservancy does throughout the region.

We would like to continue and even expand our work within the Wiscasset community given the opportunity. After visiting several alternative locations within the town of Wiscasset including Port Wiscasset, CEI-owned offices on Water Street, and vacancies along Main Street, it is clear that the Haggett building provides amenities that the other spaces simply cannot provide. In particular, we value the ground level access for people of all abilities, the community room within the downtown business district, a location that is safely out of the flood zone and space on the second floor to create new partnerships. Plus, the building is in excellent condition. However, we do not need the spacious parking lot adjacent to the building which could easily still be a part of MDOT’s plan for additional parking.

On April 10, 2017, MDOT used its eminent domain authority to acquire the building from the prior owner at the same time that Midcoast Conservancy had a legal option to purchase the building. Rather than focus on the legal rights issues that the current eminent process has raised, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate on an agreement with MDOT  and work together to investigate alternatives which may include use of the existing parking area north of the Haggett building, and several other sites currently for sale or available on Water Street.

MDOT 3 options – voted on by the town

MDOT detailed Plan

MDOT Plan for Haggett building lot

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