“Eight weeks can be life changing”: A parent’s reflections on her daughter’s Youth Conservation Corps summer

Dear Garrison,
It occurred to me recently that I never properly thanked you and Brianna for providing Gabi with the opportunity of a lifetime last summer.  Working on the YCC truly enhanced and changed her.  As adults, we all have certain indelible memories – when we learned to ride a bike and the freedom that accompanies that, getting our driver’s license (whether it was the first time or fourth time), and that one special job of our youth that shapes and inspires us.  The YCC was THAT job for Gabi
When she first saw the job listing on the school announcements, she thought it sounded cool – and a little scary – as she didn’t know exactly what it entailed and how she would handle the physical labor.  When you called to offer her the job, she was absolutely over the moon.  She came home after work each day last summer excited, and yes, very tired! 🙂  She had many stories from each day that she loved sharing with us. Brianna was a wonderful role model; Gabi admired her work ethic, her intelligence, her kindness, fairness, and sense of humor (oh, and political beliefs!  🙂
When the time came to apply to colleges, her experience with Midcoast Conservancy’s YCC had given her a confidence and “a story to tell” that she didn’t have before.  In fact, her summer job was the topic of one of her main two essays for the college of her dreams; she learned last month that she was accepted to Dartmouth College.
Eight weeks can go by in the blink of an eye, and at the same time, eight weeks can be life changing.  I want to extend our sincere gratitude to you and Brianna for giving Gabi the opportunity to work with you, for teaching and embracing her.  I know it was an experience she will look back on with fondness for a long time to come.
Amy & Mark Cooper

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