Midcoast Conservancy Launches Damariscotta Lake Watch

Posted on July 2, 2021 by | News


In response to growing interest in and increasing threats to Damariscotta Lake water quality, Midcoast Conservancy has launched a new program – Damariscotta Lake Watch. The ultimate goal of the program is to raise awareness and improve water quality in Damariscotta Lake through increased communication, community engagement, and programmatic activity.

Damariscotta Lake Watch includes new social media channels on Facebook and Instagram where water quality alerts, lake-related events, and other lake content will be shared.

Additionally, Patricia Nease, our watershed coordinator has been designated as the Damariscotta Lake Lead. Priscilla Watson, Chair of Midcoast Conservancy’s Damariscotta Lake Council, expressed excitement about Damariscotta Lake Watch and Patricia’s new role, “Patricia is a wonderful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable member of the Midcoast Conservancy staff.  I came to rely on her more and more for her expertise and on site help. Damariscotta Lake is a Midcoast treasure – enjoyed by anglers, boaters, and family activities that Patricia will help preserve for the future.”

For the latest information on Damariscotta Lake water quality and other information related to Midcoast Consevancy’s work in and around the Damariscotta Lake, please follow Damariscotta Lake Watch on Facebook and Instagram