Midcoast Conservancy Welcomes New Water Resources Manager

Posted on January 17, 2019 by | News


Midcoast Conservancy is delighted to welcome Addie Halligan as its Water Resources Manager. Her position is a newly created one, resulting from reorganization following the recent merger with Medomak Valley Land Trust.

In this role, Halligan ‘s duties will include collaborating with Director of Conservation Anna Fiedler on maintaining and improving water quality, and on programs to reduce erosion and mitigate pollution within lakes, rivers, streams and estuaries within the region. She will be working with volunteers to do water quality monitoring and invasive plant patrols. In addition, she will supervise Midcoast Conservancy’s Maine Conservation Corps Environmental Steward for water, as well as its Youth Conservation Corps Crew Leader.


Halligan comes to Midcoast Conservancy with a background in stormwater and landscape design. She received her Masters in Ecological Landscape Design from the Conway School in 2017. She was born and raised in Maine, and spent many years studying and learning from other ecosystems, from the diverse tropical jungle of Costa Rica to the urbanite’s dream of Copenhagen; the Midcoast Conservancy position offered her a long-desired relocation back to her home turf.  Halligan said, “I always knew I wanted to return to Maine. I have strong roots in this community and this landscape and have been eager to bring my knowledge and experience gained from away back to our beautiful state.”

Halligan is passionate about hiking, swimming, all of the outdoors, and sees the coast of Maine as the perfect canvas for working, living, and building community. She said, “I never could have imagined finding a place to work that encompassed my passions for the land, water, education and community all under one roof – and in my favorite place – Maine. It’s very invigorating to be working with an organization and community that brings together resources and works across scales, so we can have more impact.”

Anyone wishing to contact Halligan about volunteering, or with any questions, can reach her at (207) 389-5157 or at addie@midcoastconservancy.org.