We are working to safeguard the remaining beauty on earth by reducing humanity’s heavy footprint. Taking care of nature’s ecosystems is what makes our lives possible and we need your help to do this work.

Throughout our region and at our nature center, we offer members and volunteers a place where they have the opportunity to deepen their relationship and love for the natural world by taking responsibility for it.

We have a preserve near you. All are open to the public for hiking and snowshoeing. We also offer opportunities for hunting at select preserves. Come to Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson and enjoy one of our huts or campsites. Several trails at our nature center are open for mountain bikes and horseback riding. Leashed dogs welcome.

We are here for you as a resource to look for options that will help preserve wildlife habitat and other natural benefits on your land. We connect you with landowners who have worked with us. Call or email Anna with any questions (207-389-5153).