Why Land Matters

Our quality of life is enhanced by the incredible network of forests, fields, streams, hills, and valleys of the Midcoast.  They provide:

  • places for you to create your own outdoor adventures
  • places for wildlife to thrive
  • cleaner lakes, rivers and streams by soaking up and filtering runoff
  • reductions to the threats of climate change by capturing carbon
  • read all the Public Benefits of Conserved Land (download here)

Learn the personal reasons your neighbors worked with us to protect their land  by visiting our Landowner stories page (at right).

In addition,  people, plants and animals are facing a changing climate in Maine and the world. Undeveloped land will be essential to help us all adapt. Conserved land allows animals to move as their habitat moves, absorbs harmful erosion during more frequent extreme weather events, tempers lake level fluctuations and help regulates water temperatures for cold water fish like trout and salmon.

Midcoast Conservancy is part of the 12 Rivers Conservation Initiative, a group of seven land trusts working together to connect the natural landscapes of Midcoast Maine. Within 12 Rivers, Midcoast Conservancy has been a leader on conservation planning with an eye to ensuring our landscapes stay healthy through climate change. Read more about the project here:


Land Owner Options

A variety of land conservation tools are available to you and can be tailored to meet your needs.  Midcoast Conservancy is a nationally accredited land trust, meeting the highest standards for land conservation. Here are some resources for you:

Our professional staff is here to help you. To discuss conservation options for your land, or get information about how a donation or sale may qualify for potential tax benefits including income, estate and property tax relief, contact Anna or call her at 207-389-5153.