All life depends on clean water and the Midcoast is blessed with an abundance of lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands. Every day we work to keep our lakes and rivers clean and reverse decades of damage.

What We Do

  • Protect land which acts as a natural filtration system removing contaminants and controlling polluting erosion.
  • Survey and remove invasive aquatic plants that would choke the life out of a lake.
  • Work with partners to reconnect fish to their native spawning grounds along the Sheepscot River and restore ecosystem health and opportunities for sport fishing.
  • In 2017-2018 we will invest over $150,000 on pollution prevention programs to improve the health of the Damariscotta Lake Watershed.

We work in the watersheds of Damariscotta Lake, and the Sheepscot River from the headwaters to the bay.

You Can Help

  • Control polluting erosion
  • Join the fight against invasive plants
  • Apply for one of our seasonal jobs
  • Protect your land from development

Contact Addie for more information