For years, our members and supporters have helped us invest in the water resources of the Midcoast in order to support the local economy and everything that relies on clean water. Together, our work supports healthy land, water and communities. Here’s how!

Youth Conservation Corps

As job creators, we hire local high school and college students each summer to staff the Youth Conservation Corps program. Our experienced staff is available to anyone with erosion or runoff issues on their property. As a way to share our gratitude for caring for our waters, we will fix erosion issues, providing labor at no cost to you while teaching kids valuable science, engineering, and math skills. Call today (207-389-5150) to schedule a no-obligation visit.

YCC: See what people are saying

If you are a local high school or college student interested in a summer job like no other, apply here!

Pollution Prevention

Water pollution comes in many forms. E. coli and bacteria from human or animal waste can close shellfish beds in the estuary, while nutrients from soil and fertilizer runoff helps harmful algae thrive in our lakes and ponds. We take a broad approach to protecting our waters from pollution. Currently, money is available to cost-share with towns and residents in the Damariscotta Lake watershed to fix large-scale soil erosion or other runoff issues affecting the lake (more info here). Household septic systems may also contribute to poor water quality, and we have limited funding to help residents protect their shorefront property from polluting. Our experts are always available to consult with towns, planning boards, road associations, lake associations, and individuals on how you can help leverage this work even further.  Contact us for more info.

Invasive Plants

The tenacious invasive plant Hydrilla was discovered in Damariscotta Lake in 2009. Since then, we’ve taken our place at the front lines in keeping lakes clear from nasty invaders. Volunteer Invasive Plant Patrollers survey lakes each year, ensuring there are no other infestations we don’t know about. Contact us today to sign up for this fun task.

Courtesy Boat Inspectors are dedicated individuals who provide valuable services to all residents, keeping invasive plants from entering our lakes on boats, and engaging with lake users to promote stewardship of the waters we all care about. We hire for Courtesy Boat Inspectors every summer; apply here!

Hydrilla Map: Damariscotta Lake

Water Testing

In order to measure our success, we monitor the water quality of several water bodies with an emphasis on Damarisotta Lake, the Medomak River and the Sheepscot River which are all magnificent in character and important to the regional economy. Volunteers always needed for this fun work.

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